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How To Reprogram Your Brain From Addiction

    Understanding Addiction and Emotional Regulation

    • Addiction is often driven by the need to regulate emotions, and breaking free requires thinking greater than how you feel.
    • Addiction is when the body has been conditioned to be the mind, creating a dependency on external substances or activities to alleviate negative emotions.
    • Addictions are often rooted in emotional addiction and can be overcome by teaching people how to self-regulate their emotional states and trade negative emotions for elevated ones.
    • Our thoughts and emotions are connected and can create our state of being, so it’s important to be conscious of our unconscious thoughts and practice feeling different emotions to break free from addiction.
    • Overcoming the emotion is key to taking attention off past problems caused by trauma, rather than spending too much time processing it, and creating a new reality by feeling what you want to feel in the future.

    Reprogramming the Brain and Mind

    • Reprogramming the brain to break addiction involves broadening focus and shifting brain waves from high beta to alpha, which promotes creativity and unifies different communities of neurons.
    • The subconscious mind can be programmed when the analytical mind is suppressed, allowing anyone to be programmed to do anything.
    • The brain learns by mistakes and surprises, and becoming conscious of our unconscious states allows us to objectify our subjective selves and see ourselves through the eyes of someone else.
    • Overcoming difficult emotions during meditation is a victory, even for those with a lot of trauma, and can lead to significant changes in the person over time.

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