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Is Yieldnodes Scam or Yieldnodes Legit

    First I will start providing some of my thoughts and feedback on the service of Yieldnodes. In the beginning, when I started to invest, I was cautious and set up my returns to withdraw each month. After a few months I had my initial deposit back and now have set my returns to all compounds.

    I’ve been very happy with Yieldnodes. The customer service has been great and often times it’s been Steve the CEO who has answered. I understand their operations may not be sustainable given unexpected circumstances and if new laws were passed. But for now, this has been a great passive income experience.

    Is Yieldnodes Scam or Legit?

    When you search on the internet most posts regarding Yieldnodes are either being downvoted or taken out since it seems like a Ponzi plot. Here is my remark on a post.

    To the ignorant eye, the month to month gets back from Yieldnodes is a gigantic warning. As is commonly said, ‘assuming it is unrealistic. What’s more, assuming you added your own outside reference to welcome others to evaluate the program, it is another warning, causing it to appear to be a fraudulent business model.

    A great many people won’t ever even attempt to see how Yieldnodes produces its profits. They’ll just rapidly excuse whatever you are saying. I’m simply glad I found this. The vast majority with cash to contribute don’t have the comprehension of the crypto space, yields, blockchain, defi and couldn’t code in the event that their lives relied upon it. At least individuals I meet beyond 30 years old years. They are glad to keep cash in stocks/bonds and can’t understand such high returns.

    In the meantime my adolescent child loves coding so much so that he’s figuring out how to masternode. Be that as it may, he and every one of his companions has no $ and no chance of getting the assets to do defi, and honestly, nobody would accept his age bunch when they reference such exceptional yields.

    Individuals that put stock in Yieldnotes are those that have some cash to contribute and have an essential comprehension of coding which likely isn’t many.

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    A few things to note:

    • They noted in one of their messages that we (the financial backers) ought not anticipate that the high rate of return should keep going for quite a while. They told us not the set our assumptions too high and that the % gain consistently will begin to diminish eventually as the crypto market develops. They didn’t actually determine when this will occur. I say perhaps in 1-2 years we’ll be seeing diminished benefits month out of every month.
    • Yieldnodes will forestall new client recruits sometime in the not-so-distant future when they arrive at some objective absolute contributed sum. This is the kind of thing that I’ve heard from one of Steve’s meetings on Youtube (you can watch it here). I don’t know whether this is still obvious since they are as yet during the time spent extending their undertaking.
    • Every one of the coins that they are masternoding is low-cap altcoins. So the potential for development is colossal expecting they are making use cases for those (which is the thing that they are doing) and that individuals embrace them. So they are hypothesizing which coins to ‘contribute’ on, yet rather make ways so that these altcoins will increment in cost. A model would be their lead coin, SAPP, which expanded ~90x the previous year.
    • As long as they have a few reviews (despite the fact that not actually ‘official’ since it’s not outsider), I’ll believe that this isn’t a ponzi conspire. They’ve done one final February up to this point, and are anticipating another not long from now.

    >> Yieldnodes Can Be Accessed At The Following Link: Yieldnodes <<

    If you have doubts about Yieldnodes I suggest you do the following:

    • Read through the website, read through the project list, and research a handful of them

    • Watch Steve’s interviews on YouTube (you can watch them here)

    • Look at Yieldnodes team members’ LinkedIn

    • Watch 3rd party reviews/audits on YouTube

    • Research Masternodes

    • Read through posts on Reddit

    • Read through comments on videos on YouTube

    • Reached out directly to Steve or any team member

    However at that point once more, my disclaimer: I’m not here to persuade you that this is genuine. Indeed, even I am vigilant that this may be a celebrated leave trick eventually. This is definitely not investment advice. Contribute just what you can bear to lose.

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    >> Yieldnodes Can Be Accessed At The Following Link: Yieldnodes <<

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    2 thoughts on “Is Yieldnodes Scam or Yieldnodes Legit”

    1. Most of those commenters who yell “must be a scam” are either ignorant or too lazy to do their own research. I have attended their second audit end of October in Malta and can say: I do know it is not a scam. It has a huge potential for coming years as they do not stay with masternoding alone but partnered with companies in Germany/Switzerland. Urs (COO) is part of this holding via his Remardo Ltd which is now part of this holding.

      1. they have around 60 people mainly programmers around the world working on their 19 own coins – one of them MODIC will soon cover new energy-related use-cases (then as MOBIC) – could become the next SAPP.

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