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Presearch Earn Money

    What Is Presearch?

    Presearch is a blockchain-based privacy-centric search engine. The search engine is designed to protect user IP addresses, device info, browsers, and location data. Users are rewarded with PRE tokens.

    Blockchain-based startup Presearch has delivered a decentralized internet searcher to help give a more private choice to Google. Removing a play from protection-driven internet browser Brave’s book, it likewise remunerates its clients with its local crypto-token, PRE.

    Presearch is a decentralized search engine, which pays you Presearch tokens for every search you make through their search engine. If set up right, you can’t even tell you’re using it and accumulate tokens with every search you make.

    The new framework will help secure by and by recognizable data like client IP addresses, device info, browsers, and location data.

    Presearch says it has developed to over 2 million enrolled clients with around 300,000 dynamics. More than 100 administrators are giving criticism during beta testing of client hubs.

    Watch The Video About “What Is Presearch?”

    Start Using Presearch Search Engine and Earn PRE Tokens Now

    You shouldn’t be a software engineering master to realize that the majority of the current web organizations rake in some serious cash by gathering your information, utilizing it to target you with commercials, and afterward offering that information to the most elevated bidder. Bold program endeavors to fix a portion of this on the program side, yet in any event, when utilizing a safe program, your internet searcher itself can uncover individual subtleties – that is the place where Presearch comes in.

    • First off, in order to start earning tokens, you need to be a registered user – you can register right here (get 25 PRE tokens to get started using this exact link)
    • After registering make sure you stay logged in by marking “Remember me” during the login

    Enormous Community Projects

    An enormous local area behind the ventures contributes routinely by giving open-source codes or elevating the stage to construct another time of web crawlers.

    Immense Decentralized Platform

    Presearch is a blockchain-put together stage that runs with respect to heaps of hub servers taken care of by countless local area individuals.

    Keeps Privacy Safe

    Presearch guaranteed Since they run on an enormous number of hub servers they don’t gather or store any kind of client’s information.

    Better Outcomes as Like Other Web Indexes

    Presearch can give the best aftereffects of your pursuit inquiries as to the other internet searcher with extra data that makes your looking through experience really fascinating.

    Presearch Reward Token

    At whatever point you enter any hunt question consistently you will get some presearch tokens. Those tokens you can pull out effectively straightforwardly to your wallet addresses. Presearch token depends on the Ethereum blockchain, so as a local area part, clients can undoubtedly pull out, store, or store them in a wallet address.

    They paying their clients through their token called Presearch (PRE) which is in the market starting around 2017.

    You Can Watch Presearch Review Here


    Earn Crypto With Presearch

    How To Get Money From Presearch

    As a user, you can procure in 3 ways in Presearch. Individually we will examine every one of them.

    • Via Searching Daily
    • Running Nodes
    • Staking (Keyword Staking)

    Earning Form Searching

    Consistently you look for anything you desire you get 8 exploration tokens. It’s restricted, regardless of whether you search the entire day, your limit procuring is 8 tokens.

    Simply enter anything you really want on the hunt bar, tokens will be added to your record. In any case, remember, don’t look through like a spammer and don’t manhandle the framework. They could boycott your record assuming they see it as any dubious.

    Run A Node

    They announced that anybody can acquire from running a hub in pc. Their server necessities of pc for running a hub are basic. It needn’t bother with plate space, an enormous CPU, or GPU, and one thing is to require is that rapid web. You want to introduce Docker to run the hub.

    Running a hub will assist you with streamlining your procuring. They are offering numerous running hubs, which you can run in your virtual private server or virtual machines yet it requires at least 1000 tokens in your record to run the hub to procure an easy revenue every day.

    Register and Get 25 PRE Tokens

    Keyword Staking

    Clients can bring in cash in a roundabout way from watchword marking. Assuming you have enough Pre tokens, you can utilize them against a few explicit catchphrases that hunt on Presearch. Confusing?Example:

    You stake 2000 pre token for one catchphrase, for example, “crypto wallet” and you bid every one of the contributions recorded on the site then just your advertisements will show in the web search tool. Assuming one client search crypto then the client will see your advertisements.

    You could somewhat get an ever-increasing number of natural deals from the arrangement of your promotions. You can purchase Pre tokens, they have a choice on their site to purchase tokens. Likewise, many rumored trades support their coins like Kucoin, Uniswap, Hitbtc, Probit, and so forth.

    READ HERE: Presearch Reward Calculator

    How Can You Buy PRE?

    How To Buy Presearch Tokens

    To do this, you basically need to explore the accompanying connection and withdrawal your tokens. When you enter your wallet address, the tokens will be shipped off you and you can exchange them on Uniswap, KuCoin, or whatever trade you want.

    Now, I do have to specify one thing about Presearch. Presearch has a base withdrawal of 1,000 tokens, however, you may have to have more than 1,000 tokens in your record to make a withdrawal. Presearch is intended to ensure that clients just get compensated for making real pursuits and not just “search mining” via looking for an immaterial term. As a feature of this, you will be doled out a PRE level that can impact the sum you can pull out. The genuine measure of Presearch that you have access to pull out is found by duplicating your PRE level by the number of tokens that you have. For instance, on the off chance that I have 1000 tokens, however, I am just a level 7, I just really have 700 tokens accessible for withdrawal.

    Actually, this framework is planned to forestall maltreatment of the framework, yet it can come as a shock to new individuals who are anxious to pull out their tokens when they hit that 1,000 least. In this way, I figured it was something worth calling attention to. Whenever you have gotten your PRE withdrawal, you can exchange them on an assortment of trades including Uniswap or KuCoin.

    You Can Sign Up KuCoin Here

    Bonus: Refferal Earning

    Clients can likewise procure from references. On the off chance that anybody information exchange with your connection and utilizations it in the wake of getting 100 tokens then you will get 25 pre tokens. Without qualification for your references, you won’t get the 25 tokens.


    • Has different choices for acquiring
    • Presearch hubs
    • Extraordinary Ecosystem


    • The least pull out is 1000 token (it need 3/multi month to arrive at the negligible withdrawal)
    • The web crawler interface needs a tad of improvement for greater ease of use.

    What I Enjoyed Most About Presearch

    Presearch took the hunt biological system to a higher level. They have many highlights that any individual will like the environment. They began in 2017 as yet, dealing with their activities. They refresh their frameworks to make them more usable. These updates and project overseeing demonstrate that they are especially encouraging in their works.

    Their biological system makes the difficult conceivable to acquire coins from day-by-day look. Nonetheless, it’s restricted however one client introduces it and disregards the procuring, us it every day for the client’s necessities and following 2/90 days see, that he is qualified for pulling out. Its shows that an organization thinks often about its hunts. The clients can look secretly and could improve results from other web search tools. It turns out to be extremely cool that a web crawler doesn’t take or gather any sort of information of clients and gives a superior outcome.

    Presearch VS Other Search Engines

    At any point felt that after you look through any item or administration, why you have consistently seen those items or administrations advertisements via web-based media or different destinations? Since they gather our information and use them as they need. It happens each day.

    Information’s what is most significant on the planet, and enormous organizations can without much of a stretch store them. In any event, when you search iPhone in the web search tool and go to best purchase or quest for any instructional exercise on youtube. Last year Google faces 5 billion for following private information. In the claim subtleties:

    “Google was denounced on Tuesday in a proposed class activity blaming the web scan organization for unlawfully attacking the protection of millions of clients by following their web use through programs set in “private” mode.”

    After this news, you can understand in disguise mode is additionally gather the client’s information. And furthermore ought to get what could occur with your typical perusing information.

    Then again, a new blockchain-based decentralized web crawler that gives its clients better outcome likewise ensure your information, keeping the protection by giving you a basic award. Presearch asserted they never track or store your information. Every one of the quires is constrained by a decentralized enormous number of hubs. Once in a while, Presearch furnishes better outcomes to the client with extra data.

    Start Using Presearch Search Engine


    Obviously, all around the article, I talked uninhibitedly and attempt to cover everything that you really want to know about Presearch so you can feel the genuine client experience.

    Presearch can possibly contact the sky in the field of web indexes. They have loads of chances to draw in clients and they are extremely encouraging with their words. Trusts they will grow more choices and improve their UI’s for greater ease of use.

    We can cheerfully say that Presearch will beat other tech goliaths one day with its amazing chances.

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