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Presearch Reward Calculator

    Presearch offers PRE tokens as an award for the people who search through the stage. These tokens have natural worth since they are the entrance tokens bought by publicists to target searchers entering specific catchphrases, and hub sprinters to stake PRE on their pursuit hubs, to be compensated with PRE tokens.

    Reward Rates

    Every client can procure PRE prizes when utilizing the web search tool. The prize per search and max. rewards each day contrast every day, according to our Tokenomics motor V1.0. These numbers can be seen in the dashboard consistently, here. After you hit the PRE limit of that day, the look is not compensated until the 24-hour time-frame resets at 12 am 12 PM, UTC.

    25 PRE tokens can likewise be procured when you allude to another client through your reference account. You can observe your outside reference and all subtleties.

    According To January 11, 2022, you get 0.0568 per search you make and you can get paid for a max of 30 searches every day.

    According To January 11, 2022

    Combating Abuse

    Any sort of boosted framework like Presearch is inclined to the people who might attempt to game the framework through either mechanized means (bots) or purposely looking entirely to acquire tokens.

    To deter from this kind of conduct, we have created what we’ve named the award check framework that, in light of a client’s inquiry designs (search terms are rarely put away), relegates a PRE level dependent on a certainty calculation that surveys the probability that somebody is looking principally to gather tokens.

    Withdrawal / Redemption of PRE

    The quantity of PRE that a client has procured is then duplicated by their PRE level to decide the number of tokens they are qualified to pull out. Every client should gather no less than 1,000 PRE to start a withdrawal.

    You can see this connect to see which clients are pulling out their PRE prizes to their outer blockchain wallets:


    Any exchange that is for 1,000 PRE is probably going to be an award removed from the stage for capacity or trade to different monetary forms.

    Start Using Presearch Search Engine and Earn PRE Tokens Now

    After a withdrawal is initiated, it must currently be approved first. It can take up to 72 hours for a withdrawal to be approved, which gives us the opportunity to combat fraud and protect the system from abuse.

    Reward Usage

    Earned rewards are used primarily for two purposes, to run advertising on the platform and for sale to other purchasers for conversion into local currency or alternative cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

    The current price of PRE tokens on external markets can be found on CoinGecko.

    Earn Money Every Day Searching With Presearch

    Presearch Node Rewards

    Node rewards will be calculated based upon a combination of each node’s utilization percentage (50% weight currently) and its staked capacity percentage (50% weight currently).

    Staked capacity enables node operators to stake PRE tokens to their node and reserve the right to be rewarded at a higher level for providing their node’s capacity to the network. This can help ensure that a node remains profitable even if other lower-cost nodes come in and reduce utilization-based rewards. Also note that while staking PRE on a node is not currently required to run the node, that in order for a node to be eligible to receive any rewards, it must have at least 1000 PRE staked.

    The staked capacity percentage is calculated as follows:

    At the moment, the node_actual_capacity_% is mostly based upon uptime, but this will change in the future as better mechanisms for measuring actual capacity are being developed.

    The utilization percentage is calculated as follows:

    Utilization demonstrates the percentage of requests your node serves within the network, adjusted based upon how well your node is performing relative to other nodes.

    The node’s reliability score (or “quality score”) is based upon a combination of the node’s uptime, latency, and query success rates. Each node will be assigned a percentile rank for each of these three metrics compared to all other nodes within the network — the higher the percentile, the higher the payouts a node operator will receive.

    All of these metrics — uptime, latency, and success rate scores, as well as the node’s reliability score, staked capacity percentage, and utilization percentage are published in the recently-released node statistics available in the nodes dashboard.

    If you’d like to dive into the full rewards calculation, you can find it in section 7.3 of the Presearch Vision Paper. Please note that all inputs and weights are designed to be adjusted over time automatically by the Presearch’s Tokenomics Engine, so weights of different factors are always subject to evolve over time based upon supply and demand dynamics.

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