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low content kindle publishing

Creating Blank Amazon KDP Books Ideas

    Here are some blank Amazon KDP books ideas you can create: Create a blank journal or notebook for a specific purpose such as daily gratitude, meal planning, or daily notes. Create a blank sketchbook for artists and illustrators, with high-quality paper and a durable cover. Create a blank cookbook for recipe collection and testing, with customizable categories and space for notes. Create a blank travel journal for documenting trips, with… Read More »Creating Blank Amazon KDP Books Ideas

    How To Make Money Selling Low Content Books on Amazon KDP

      A few years ago, I decided to start publishing low content books on CreateSpace (now Amazon KDP Print). Coming from a fiction publishing background with over 100 romance novels under my belt (and a couple of NYT bestsellers!), I thought I knew everything there was about selling books on Amazon through their self-publishing platform. What I discovered when I branched out and began selling low (or no) content books blew… Read More »How To Make Money Selling Low Content Books on Amazon KDP