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How To Earn Money From Presearch

    What Is Presearch

    Presearch is a blockchain-based privacy-centric search engine. The search engine is designed to protect user IP addresses, device info, browsers, and location data. Users are rewarded with PRE tokens.

    Blockchain-based startup Presearch has delivered a decentralized internet searcher to help give a more private choice to Google. Removing a play from protection-driven internet browser Brave’s book, it likewise remunerates its clients with its local crypto-token, PRE.

    Presearch is a decentralized search engine, which pays you Presearch tokens for every search you make through their search engine. If set up right, you can’t even tell you’re using it and accumulate tokens with every search you make. Every search you make nets you 0.25 PRE tokens. PRE tokens are Presearch tokens, at the time of writing this post valued at $0.1119.

    The Ethereum-based venture utilizes look-through fueled by freehubs to help ensure the personality of individuals who make inquiries for information. Additionally, it places a gouge in the monopolistic force of Google to arrange and rank outcomes.

    The undertaking’s beginning story starts in 2011 when Colin Pape’s had its substance covered by Google’s calculation. The organization documented an objection with the US Federal Trade Commission that the outcomes were because of Google’s calculation favoring its own, contending items over ShopCity’s.

    At last, Pape concluded there was a requirement for an autonomous web search tool, so he began building Presearch.

    The new framework will help secure by and by recognizable data like client IP addresses, device info, browsers, and location data.

    Presearch says it has developed to over 2 million enrolled clients with around 300,000 dynamics. More than 100 administrators are giving criticism during beta testing of client hubs.

    While conventional search engines bring in cash from selling promotions on their entryway, Presearch permits individuals to acquire PRE tokens for performing searches or running their own nodes.

    Each time you do a web search, “Huge Tech” organizations reap monstrous measures of your own information, use it to target you with promotions, and afterward sell that information any place they need on the web. In the event that that isn’t adequately awful, the entirety of that is managed without your insight and assent OR without giving any type of payment to you.

    In this post, we will show you how you can utilize the decentralized Presearch search engine to reclaim your privacy while ALSO procuring awards from your hunts.

    Start Using Presearch Search Engine and Earn PRE Tokens Now

    You shouldn’t be a software engineering master to realize that the majority of the current web organizations rake in some serious cash by gathering your information, utilizing it to target you with commercials, and afterward offering that information to the most elevated bidder. Bold program endeavors to fix a portion of this on the program side, yet in any event, when utilizing a safe program, your internet searcher itself can uncover individual subtleties – that is the place where Presearch comes in.

    • First off, in order to start earning tokens, you need to be a registered user – you can register right here (get 25 PRE tokens to get started using this exact link)
    • After registering make sure you stay logged in by marking “Remember me” during login

    Default search engine setup:

    • Click three dots in upper right corner while Chrome web browser is opened and navigate to “Settings”
    • Scroll down to “Search engine”
    • Click “Manage search engines”
    • Click “Add” and type the following parameters:
    • Name: Presearch
    • Keyword: presearch
    • URL:
    • Click “Save”
    • Click the three dots next to the freshly added record and choose “Make default”.

    Earn Crypto With Presearch

    How To Get Money From Presearch

    As opposed to many existing web crawlers, Presearch is planned to start from the earliest stage to help clients’ protection and give them a reasonable adaptation experience for their hunts. Furthermore, Presearch has some other fascinating highlights, for example, catchphrase marking and the capacity to acquire automated revenue by running a Presearch hub, all of which we will talk about in this post. There is plenty of fascinating highlights with Presearch, however, I understand that the main thing to by far most of the individuals is just going to by ensuring their security and acquiring rewards, so that is the place where we will begin.

    Previously, every client could procure somewhere in the range of .25 and .5 PRE per look for a sum of 8 PRE each day, in any case, Presearch as of late refreshed its award model so the prizes are presently changed day by day. This makes the real compensation for utilizing Presearch somewhat more hard to ascertain, however dependent on my own insight for as far back as two days, I have procured around 3 PRE each day.

    that actually amounts to about $ .30 USD each day just for accomplishing something that I would as of now do.

    Presearch Protects Privacy

    In addition to the fact that Presearch gives clients the capacity to adapt their pursuits, however, it additionally ensures security as a matter of course. “Naturally” is a watchword here on the grounds that numerous sites and administrations will permit you to select into security, yet with Presearch, protection comes standard. You don’t have to do any uncommon designs to secure your information.

    Since Presearch is a web crawler and not a whole internet browser, it’s totally conceivable to bend over your compensations by running Presearch inside the Brave program and “stacking” one crypto rewards program on top of the other… …better security and search rewards… .where do I join?

    Register and Get 25 PRE Tokens

    Beginning With Presearch

    Happy you inquired. You can pursue Presearch basically by going to the accompanying connection and clicking “Register or Login”. From that point onward, you can start looking from the Presearch landing page and acquiring those prizes. On the off chance that you need to take things up a score, you can likewise add the Presearch expansion for Chrome. With this augmentation, you don’t need to explore back to the Presearch page for your inquiries, and it will permit the entirety of your pursuits to be steered through Presearch just by composing in the location bar of your number one internet browser.

    Thus, it’s one thing to acquire rewards, however, it’s something totally else to have a reasonable item that permits you to accomplish something with those prizes. Something that I like about Presearch is that there are a few different ways of really utilizing your prize. The first and most clear method of utilizing the prizes is just pulling out them and changing them out for crypto or fiat.

    How Can I Manage PRE?

    How To Buy Presearch Tokens

    To do this, you basically need to explore the accompanying connection and withdrawal your tokens. When you enter your wallet address, the tokens will be shipped off you and you can exchange them on Uniswap, KuCoin, or whatever trade you want.

    Now, I do have to specify one thing about Presearch. Presearch has a base withdrawal of 1,000 tokens, however, you may have to have more than 1,000 tokens in your record to make a withdrawal. Presearch is intended to ensure that clients just get compensated for making real pursuits and not just “search mining” via looking for an immaterial term. As a feature of this, you will be doled out a PRE level that can impact the sum you can pull out. The genuine measure of Presearch that you have access to pull out is found by duplicating your PRE level by the number of tokens that you have. For instance, on the off chance that I have 1000 tokens, however, I am just a level 7, I just really have 700 tokens accessible for withdrawal.

    Actually, this framework is planned to forestall maltreatment of the framework, yet it can come as a shock to new individuals who are anxious to pull out their tokens when they hit that 1,000 least. In this way, I figured it was something worth calling attention to. Whenever you have gotten your PRE withdrawal, you can exchange them on an assortment of trades including Uniswap or KuCoin.

    You Can Sign Up KuCoin Here

    Keyword Staking

    As well as essentially pulling out, you can incidentally stake a specific measure of Presearch on a catchphrase. In the event that you have the most noteworthy measure of PRE marked against that catchphrase and a client looks for that watchword, at that point they will be shown a notice that can be utilized to guide them to your site.

    The watchword marking apparatus is inconceivably simple to utilize and permits you to search for accessible catchphrases just as decide what amount has right now been marked against those catchphrases. For instance, in case I’m expecting to divert individuals to my cryptographic money site by focusing on the catchphrase “Crypto”, I can utilize this instrument to find that I would require at any rate 11,000 PRE to be the triumphant offered for that search term.

    On the other side, in the event that I change my catchphrase to “crypto contributing” all things being equal, I can see that there is at present no opposition for this console and that essentially marking the base 1,000 PRE would permit me to have the triumphant offered.

    Run A Presearch Node

    1,000 PRE is at present the sorcery number inside the Presearch universe. Not exclusively does having 1,000 PRE permit you to direct watchword marking, however, it additionally gives you the chance of running a Presearch hub.

    Running a Presearch hub permits you to control the PRE decentralized web crawler by offering types of assistance like planning and appropriating questions, ordering information and destinations, and serving bits of the hunt record to handle inquiries.

    In return for offering these types of assistance, hubs are remunerated in PRE. As per the whitepaper, the Tokenomics Engine will decide the measure of PRE to be paid out across all hubs dependent on the necessities of the organization. As the organization needs increment, the PRE prizes can be expanded to urge more hubs to come on the web and start offering those types of assistance. When there are times of lesser action, the award can be diminished to boost hubs to leave the organization accordingly bringing the prize level for the excess hubs back to an adequate level.

    There are a ton of “new, progressive, game-evolving, future” cryptos out there that don’t have an incentive and can just expansion in cost by getting more individuals to conjecture on their worth. On the other hand, PRE has an undeniable use case which is having the option to run ads.

    Don’t Wait….Or You’ll Miss Out

    In case you’re keen on Presearch, I feel like currently is perhaps the best and ideal opportunity to get included. With the current non-wasteful model, you can stake catchphrases and whatever add traffic comes from those watchwords is totally free to you. Regardless of whether you have 10 individuals click on your ad or a 10,000, there is no expense other than the PRE that you have marked, and when you are finished marking that PRE you can undoubtedly return it to your wallet and sell it on a trade on the off chance that you decide to do as such. In spite of the fact that there’s not much on the planet, this is presumably as close as possible get in light of the fact that you can stack up on PRE tokens, stake a watchword, and get advertisement traffic, at that point sell those tokens directly back to fiat basically getting free publicizing in vain.

    In the event that it sounds too great to even consider being true…well, it may be…at least over the long haul. Contingent upon how the circumstance creates, Presearch at first showed that it very well may be changing away from this model towards the year’s end. In the event that this turns into the case, you actually may need to stake PRE yet you may likewise cause some measure of the cost when someone taps on your ad. A refreshed article expresses that this “free traffic” will go through June 30th of 2021, so it would seem that we do have somewhat more to exploit this advantage.

    16 thoughts on “How To Earn Money From Presearch”

    1. It’s one of the best sites I’ve ever seen, When you search, you will be rewarded with Presearch’s PRE crypto tokens. These tokens can be used to buy services, or traded for other cryptocurrencies, I’ve been using them for two years and they always pay. To win and only do research normally you earn tokens.

    2. Great article. I m in crypto for a while and as far as I can see presearch is one of the coins which gives you the oppotunity to use your holding coins. For me those coins that you can stake-farm-etc. during you hold them are the most valueable ones. I will use presearch for now on for sure…

    3. pre searchand then start sharing it with yourfriends and don’t forget to make it yourhome page because you can literally presearch anything so that’s all I’ve got

      1. To check to see if you’ve reached your daily max of 32 searches, click on your token count (top-right corner or home page), you will see a page listing your transactions – if you see at least 32 searches today, you have reached your max of 8 tokens until tomorrow.

        If you haven’t reached the daily limit, there could be three other reasons your PRE reward tokens are not increasing:

        1) Your account is restricted. If your reward balance is red in the top right corner on and shows ‘restricted’, please send an email to support team.

        2) You are not using Dsearch or the Presearch Engine as your search provider. Searches outside the Presearch ecosystem (E.g. Google or DuckDuckGo) are not rewarded.

        3) You might be logged out and you need to log in again on Presearch before searching anything. Check if you are still logged in.

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    6. I saw the Presearch Browser is on the Roadmap for 2024. Really looking forward to this. This will be massive to unlocking Presearch search growth.

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